May 2 • 35M

Was the creator economy a bubble due to zero-interest rates?

We chat with Kamil Rextin from 42 Agency to hear his thoughts.

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Josh Ho
Kamil Rextin
Adrienne Barnes
Adrienne and Josh's weekly marketing podcast where two friends discuss their opinions on varying marketing topics
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Kamil Rextin from 42 Agency joins Adrienne and Josh on Marketing Retro to dig into a recent tweet about Kamil’s hypothesis that there’s a connection between interest rates being zero and the booming creator market.

We defined creators as individual people monetizing from audiences and promoting via social platforms.

From Kamil's perspective, it used to be okay to take risks without having tons of data or worrying about conversions because interest rates were low. However, things have changed now that interest rates are higher. It's not as easy to get money as it was before. This could have an impact on the creator economy, especially for those who rely on B2B sponsorships and deals with brands.

There’s a huge disconnect between people selling to other people, and creators relying on B2B companies.

Some key takeaways:

  • B2B companies need to understand their attribution metrics.

  • Creators should create multiple streams of revenue.

  • A new content creator may find it challenging to gain the same momentum as someone who started two or three years ago, possibly due to the current state of things.