Mar 28 • 25M

How vetting for marketing is different from engineering

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Josh Ho
Adrienne Barnes
Adrienne and Josh's weekly marketing podcast where two friends discuss their opinions on varying marketing topics
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How do you vet a marketing professional in an ethical way. There’s a challenge in the hiring market today, for folks who want to hire qualified folks and understand their qualifications, without asking for free work.

It often comes down to conversations with the marketer to understand their skillset and where your need overlap.

For an early stage startup it can often be disappointing to hire a marketer with a specific skillset, when you aren’t sure are on what kind of skillset you need. Early stage startups, might want to consider a full-stack marketer.

A good way to find marketers it so listen to them on podcasts, and hear what they think about complex marketing problems and interested issues they’ve overcome.

Or opt for a short-term project where you can see the marketers skill set, and understand their strengths and work ethic.