Marketing Retro Podcast
Marketing Retro Podcast
How we launched "Marketing Retro"

How we launched "Marketing Retro"

Josh and Adrienne share how they planned through launching marketing retro.

Adrienne shares her thoughts about launching in general.

  1. Always work from the end to the beginning.

  2. What’s the main goal?

  3. Who are we talking to?

  4. Where do those people hang out?

  5. What’s a good timeline for launch that doesn’t exhaust your audience, and builds excitement?

  • Josh challenges the idea of a launch of an evergreen podcast.

  • Isn’t people’s attention sparse? If you’ve got their attention during the “launch” shouldn’t you just share the podcast?

  • Momemtun is important.

  • Ideas to boost engagement, but not tease

Marketing Retro Podcast
Marketing Retro Podcast
Adrienne and Josh's weekly marketing podcast where two friends discuss their opinions on varying marketing topics