Oct 25, 2022 • 20M

Imposter syndrome and marketers

It seems like everyone in marketing has imposter syndrome to some degree. Josh and Adrienne explore why...

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Josh Ho
Adrienne Barnes
Adrienne and Josh's weekly marketing podcast where two friends discuss their opinions on varying marketing topics
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It’s hard to measure a marketer

1:50- It’s all relative. Everything a marketer creates is up to the opinions and tastes of others.

2:57- The job of a marketer is to get other’s attention

3:30- We aren’t as important to others as we think we are

5:45- Is there a clear formula for success

7:30- Does your boss have an influence on your imposter syndrome?

10:10- Is imposter syndrome a part of the human experience?

11:35- How can marketers overcome imposter syndrome?

14:15- Does imposter syndrome live in your lizard brain?

16:25- What do you control in your situation

18:00- Take a step back and evaluate what you control