Marketing Retro Podcast
Marketing Retro Podcast
Imposter syndrome and marketers

Imposter syndrome and marketers

It seems like everyone in marketing has imposter syndrome to some degree. Josh and Adrienne explore why...

It’s hard to measure a marketer

1:50- It’s all relative. Everything a marketer creates is up to the opinions and tastes of others.

2:57- The job of a marketer is to get other’s attention

3:30- We aren’t as important to others as we think we are

5:45- Is there a clear formula for success

7:30- Does your boss have an influence on your imposter syndrome?

10:10- Is imposter syndrome a part of the human experience?

11:35- How can marketers overcome imposter syndrome?

14:15- Does imposter syndrome live in your lizard brain?

16:25- What do you control in your situation

18:00- Take a step back and evaluate what you control

Marketing Retro Podcast
Marketing Retro Podcast
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