Marketing Retro Podcast
Marketing Retro Podcast
Meet Josh and Adrienne

Meet Josh and Adrienne

Ever wonder what your Twitter friends are like IRL? So did we! In this episode, Adrienne and Josh introduce themselves and share why they wanted to create a podcast.
  • Josh Ho is the founder and CEO of Referral Rock.

  • Referral Rock acquired its first customer in June 2015.

  • What is Josh most proud of when it comes to growing Referal Rock?

  • Adrienne is a consultant for B2B SaaS companies. She started as a freelance writer and has grown into a growth and research consultant.

  • It took Adrienne two years to go from an idea and purchased domain about Best Buyer Persona to it being a profitable service.

  • Shoot your shot

  • The embarrassing way (for Adrienne) Josh and Adrienne first met.

  • Why Playbooks are the antithesis of marketing

A little About Josh

Josh has a lot of behind-the-scenes impacts and opinions on marketing but is always looking to learn more and improve his marketing expertise. He’s not the average indie SaaS founder that ignores marketing and builds more features, he understands the power of marketing and has used SEO early on to grow Referal Rock.

Josh really wants to share his knowledge and approach toward marketing.

A little about Adrienne

Adrienne is a consultant for B2B SaaS companies. She began as a freelance writer and quickly realized that most companies don’t understand who their customers are, which became her service Best Buyer Perona.

Adrienne wants to think through marketing concepts and learn from various experiments.

Marketing Retro Podcast
Marketing Retro Podcast
Adrienne and Josh's weekly marketing podcast where two friends discuss their opinions on varying marketing topics