Apr 4 • 25M

Why do customers really buy?

Josh and Adrienne chat about a JTBD experiment.

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Josh Ho
Adrienne Barnes
Adrienne and Josh's weekly marketing podcast where two friends discuss their opinions on varying marketing topics
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Many companies are missing the mark on why their customers buy their products.

Three buckets of people you want to interview to understand JTBD:

  1. New Customers

  2. Long Term Customers

  3. Loss deals

Josh is curious about interviewing his customers, customers. This might be challenging, but Josh would want to know how they were referred to a new product.

Josh and Adrienne Brainstorm about interviewing as lead gen:

  • Choose 25 favorite clients

  • Interview their customers

  • Show the interview to the company and let them know about the buying triggers found.

  • Use social listening to find customers to interview